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Our Take on Chiropractic

Boost the power for your life and body.


Our Take on Chiropractic

Boost the power for your life and body.

How many times have you walked out of Chiropractor's office and felt amazing?

Any how many times have you experienced the same pain come back a few days following your treatment?

Many full body chiropractors treat their patients for their specific physical maladies such as headaches/migraines, lower back injuries, rotator cuff injuries, neck/whiplash injuries, and knee injuries like ACL or Meniscus tears. The issue is, with as complex as our bodies are, prioritizing a single symptom cannot always be treated, simply with a single adjustment. Another issue is, many chiropractors would like to see you coming back to their office for the rest of their lives, never trying to end your visitation days.

Here at Powerpractic, you will receive targets to the key biochemical, emotional, and physical issues -- ALL the functions that are wear-and-tearing on your physical health. Pushing to help go a step further, you create a positive mindset to power-up your well-being by adding work to your posture, diet, and lifestyle.

Maintain Your Optimal Health

Maintaining your optimal health is one of our chief aims. We focus on the keys to keeping your quality of life at its peak so you can enjoy the abundance that the world has to offer. We offer two maintenance plans that are essential to supporting your health and well-being.

Diverse Tools

Most people are not aware that within Chiropractic, there are hundreds of different techniques. Including all of alternative healthcare, the possibilities are endless. At Powerpractic, we feature over 20 of the best healing modalities. With such a robust set of tools, we are resolving health conditions with immensely successful results on a routine basis.

Rapid Results Philosophy

Our goal is to help you heal as quickly as possible. At Powerpractic, we take pride in choosing the most efficient path towards healing when creating your customized healthcare plan. We are most concerned with having you achieve effective results that you can tell your friends and family about, rather then just doing the "accepted" standard.



“After having the initial treatment, my body started to feel better and better as the day went on. I felt very quick witted and sharp, I slept great, and I had my first good bowel movement in a while.
As well, I had increased energy and the strength in my shoulder improved.
I think Ascension Chiropractic is an excellent service and will recommend it to my clients.”

— Jeff Salvi, Personal Fitness Trainer

“This was my first time visiting a chiropractor and it definitely won’t be my last. Dr. Jung went above and beyond my expectations. If only every interaction with a healthcare professional was as pleasant. I went in with a aching back and sore neck, and not only did I leave being able to move free of pain, I left feeling so much better emotionally.

— Monalisa C.

“Awesome! Nick hit on problems right away and I could feel total improvement with some issues. I also felt more positive about some issues that needed more time knowing with it’s care I could resolve them.”

— Margaret F.

“Before getting treatment from Dr. Jung, I had a chronic low back injury that had been flared up for a couple of months. After getting treatment, I experienced improvements in my lower back strength and stability. With my lower back injury, I was not able to do the Olympic lifts, but I returned to form and actually increased my 5 rep max lifts! ”

— Ruben Lugo, Personal Fitness Trainer


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