Power BodyCare


Power BodyCare

Imagine This:

Our optimal health is between age 18 and 35.

Similarly, the "optimal health" of your car is under 100,000 miles and after that point, parts have been wearing out and some even break down. The same process also happens with your body! Metabolism changes, sometimes we see weight gain, and othertimes we get hurt doing things we used to be able to do with ease. If you don't do just the right things for your body, or your car, they will not function the way that you want.

What if we could have prevented the breakdowns and kept the car running as if it was new?

PRO BodyCare can not only keep your body in good shape but also enhance your performance.

6 Month Program

This monthly program will keep you feeling at your best whether you are an athlete, health fanatic, or you are trying to give yourself a head start to a better health and fitness routine.

Power BodyCare can alleviate many concerns that may diminish your true potential in daily activities and fitness. Many common issues that are targeted are:

  1. Neck Issues
  2. Back Issues
  3. Headaches
  4. Sprains/Strains
  5. Knee/Shoulder Issues
  6. Arthritis
  7. Tendonitis

Interested in learning to do power bodycare for others?

Visit our KOR Education Page


Power Mobility

Power Mobility


Muscle Imbalance & Self-Inhibition

Muscles can become hypertonic/hypotonic in relation to one another causing pain. In large muscles such as the hamstrings and deltoids for example, a division of the muscle can actually inhibit the stretch of another division of the same muscles group, called self-inhibition.  The gain and sensitivity of muscles can be restored through special work on the golgi tendon and muscle spindle.


Soft Tissue injuries can be divided into a few different categories.

Shearing Injuries

Shearing injuries cause the inhibition of a primary muscle and subsequently create a triad of compensation which require 1.) Direct Correction to one of the following:

Golgi Tendon
Muscle Spindle

 2.) The Antagonist Muscles are overloaded as a result of a primary muscle’s inhibition and require:

 -  Myofascial Release

3.) The Synergistic Muscles are also impacted and require:

 -  Strain/Counter-Strain Correction

Reactive Muscles

Temporary weakness of a muscle after contraction of another muscle due to improper signaling from the muscle spindles or golgi tendon. Often associated with athletic injury & joint strain without apparent reason.

Power Mobility

Our Power Mobility program uses a unique pin point protocol to restore proper signaling and tone to any muscle or muscle groups affected by long standing adhesions, muscle imbalance, and self-inhibition.

Instrument-assisted techniques (RockBlades) are also used for scar tissue scraping in areas of long standing scar tissue build up and inflammation.  Fascia is very tough and requires a large amount of force to break up. RockBlades are useful tool in the road to  recovery of a patient .  RockBlades are a good adjunct to work along side other treatments including chiropractic manipulation, mobility training, rehab exercises, kinesio taping etc.



Clean Slate

Clean Slate


Developed by Dr. G. Kingman Fung, "M.E. (mental and emotional) Clean Slate," is a revolutionary way to remedy deep-seeded emotional issues that affect health and many other areas of life. It is the elimination of our emotional baggage that consists of our unresolved issues, unresolved traumas, inherited negative traits and repetitive blockages. Dr. Jung uses this system to create miracle results for his patients through different techniques that are unique for each patient. These techniques can include, but are not limited to Aromatherapy, Dorsal/Ventral Stream Therapy, Emotional Neurovascular Therapy, and Encoded Memory techniques. 

Clean Slate Analysis

Clean Slate correctly identifies and releases the 8 different levels of emotional blockages including:

  1. The Big 5 - Loss of Loved One's, Divorce, Financial Devastation, Abuse/Traumatic Injury, Betrayal
  2. Unresolved Traumas - Abuse of a verbal or physical nature
  3. Unresolved Issues - Products of unprocessed negative experiences that make-up our emotional baggage
  4. Inherited DNA - Hardwired negative traits that can affect many areas of life
  5. Repetitive Blockages - Continuous hardship in a particular area of life that "replays" consistently

6. Base Belief Reversal - Irrational Behaviors associated with Self-Sabotage in multiple areas of life Characterized by continuously "making poor choices".

7. Conditional Reversal - Subconscious Self-Sabotage affecting Health, Wealth or Love

8. Base Emotional Blockages - Everyday Conflicts & Stresses

Shooting Star

Bio Clean Slate

Bio Clean Slate

if you Have any of the following but don't know why  . . .

Lack of Sleep, Reflux, Fatigue, Arthritis, Headache, Thyroid, HBP, Diabetes, Depression, Anxiety, Etc.

Do you deal with these issues? Have they been stubborn areas that you are having difficulty with? Have you tried multiple treatments and still see no progress? Do you feel like you are suffering though you have tried every trick in the book?

Bio Clean Slate is a solution for you.

We use your body’s innate intelligence to find the problems. Every individual has their own problem to resolve, so every resolution is specifically created for you.

But, what is it exactly?

Bio Clean Slate is the cleaning of any infections, infections in your teeth, chemical toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, vaccines, and allergies that are the affecting your everyday health. These issues cause many symptoms of pain and drainage in your everyday life. By relating your biochemical diary with your body pain, we can solve many issues.