Powerpractic Seminars


Powerpractic Seminars

Powerpractic Philosophy

Powerpractic Seminars are all about creating the highest level healing and treatment to allow the potential within the human body to flourish. Throughout our courses, whether physical or emotional, we aim for each person to unleash their inherent abilities and live only the most healthy and enjoyable life!

Powerpractic - Spinal

In this Seminar, you will have a conversation with the body’s Innate Intelligence, let it guide you in healing, and learn functional Neurology and Applied Kinesiology made simple and easy to use. This class features structural patterns and moves along with special treatment concepts including ligament laxity, spinal intrinsic instability, facet imbrication, and many more!


Powerpractic - Evolution

This class presents one of the most transformative healing treatments to date. Learn the neuroscience behind the Powerpractic Evolution. The Powerpractic Evolution is about "Unleashing"  the True Nature and Potential within us all and helping us discover comfort, ease, and confidence in ourselves!



Powerpractic - Extremities

Join the Powerpractic Seminars Extremity Module featuring our unique diagnosis system. There is a vast array of adjustments and corrective balancing soft tissue techniques. Completely master each extremity joint.

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