Developed by Dr. G. Kingman Fung, "M.E. (mental and emotional) Clean Slate," is a revolutionary way to remedy deep-seeded emotional issues that affect health and many other areas of life. It is the elimination of our emotional baggage that consists of our unresolved issues, unresolved traumas, inherited negative traits and repetitive blockages. Dr. Jung uses this system to create miracle results for his patients through different techniques that are unique for each patient. These techniques can include, but are not limited to Aromatherapy, Dorsal/Ventral Stream Therapy, Emotional Neurovascular Therapy, and Encoded Memory techniques. 

Clean Slate Analysis

Clean Slate correctly identifies and releases the 8 different levels of emotional blockages including:

  1. The Big 5 - Loss of Loved One's, Divorce, Financial Devastation, Abuse/Traumatic Injury, Betrayal
  2. Unresolved Traumas - Abuse of a verbal or physical nature
  3. Unresolved Issues - Products of unprocessed negative experiences that make-up our emotional baggage
  4. Inherited DNA - Hardwired negative traits that can affect many areas of life
  5. Repetitive Blockages - Continuous hardship in a particular area of life that "replays" consistently

6. Base Belief Reversal - Irrational Behaviors associated with Self-Sabotage in multiple areas of life Characterized by continuously "making poor choices".

7. Conditional Reversal - Subconscious Self-Sabotage affecting Health, Wealth or Love

8. Base Emotional Blockages - Everyday Conflicts & Stresses

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